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Fabulous Dubrovnik as Seen From its Walls

Dubrovnik, Croatia Port Information
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Nancy Norris
Updated September, 2005
Tom Ogg

Entry Requirements
Language and Currency
What is Dubrovnik Like?
What is the Weather Like?
Where Does the Ship Dock?
Where is the Shopping?
What is There to Buy?
What is There To Do?
Is There Anything of a “Don’t Miss Quality?
Are There Any Great Restaurants or Bars?

Dubrovnik, Croatia Port Reviews

Entry Requirements

A valid passport is required but no visa is required for stays under 90 days.

Language and Currency

The official language of Dubrovnik is Croatian, but some English is spoken in the tourist areas. The Kuna is the official currency of Croatia, but Euros are widely accepted.

What is Dubrovnik like?

Another View of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, lies on the Dalmatian coast. Subjected to attacks by the Serb-Montenegrin army in the 1990’s, it is now a free and safe town.

Dubrovnik Square

The charm of Dubrovnik lies in its street life and medieval character, punctuated by the blend of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Marble-paved squares and fountains blanket the Stari Grad. Passing through the Pile Gate you are transported to a town virtually unchanged from the 13th century.

The Wall Surrounding Dubrovnik

Magnificent stone walls, built between the 8th and 16th century, surround Old Town and offer commanding views of the Adriatic Sea below. Southeast of Old Town lies the tourist zone where beaches and hidden bays share the coastline with modern hotels. Dubrovnik is blessed with a unique blend of horticultural delights from groves of cypress, olive, pine and palms to lemon and orange plantations.

What is the weather like?

Dubrovnik has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. Average temperature in the summer ranges in the mid 80’s.

Where does the ship dock?

The Port of Dubrovnik (with a Ship at Anchor in the Bay)

The ships dock at the Port of Gruz, approximately 2.5 km northwest of Old Town. It is about a 10 minute taxi ride from the port to Old Town, but many cruise lines offer free shuttle bus service into the center of town. Note that the is only space for one mega liner in the port and you may anchor in the middle of the bay and tender if there are too many ships for the port and the anchorage mentioned below. It is actually a very nice tender ride, as it is quite beautiful in the harbor's bay.

A Ship at Anchor off of Dubrovnik, Croatia

It is also quite possible that you might anchor off of Dubrovnik and tender into the small ancient boat harbor right at the foot of the main street in Dubrovnik. This is an impressive way to enter the Old Section and well worth the tender process.

Where is the shopping?

Dubrovnik's Main Shopping Street

Numerous shops and galleries line the Placa, the main street of Old Town. Be aware, however, that most stores close for lunch (between 1 and 4).

Dubrovnik's Back Streets

The narrow pedestrian streets that make up Dubrovnik's Old Section contain many small and unique boutiques and shops and are well worth exploring. The city is very clean, as you can see.

Dubrovnik's Small Boat Harbor

There are also many shops and vendors selling products around the small boat harbor. Note the canopies covering various vendor's products on the left and side of the main building. There are many small shops and vendors located in this area.

What is there to buy?

Lace, embroidery, wood carvings, ceramics, tapestries, jewelry and leather and wooden products are all available.

What is there to do?

Dubrovnik, Croatia (Seen From One of the Wall Look-outs)

A walking tour of Old Town is probably the best way to appreciate what draws people to Dubrovnik. Upon entering Old Town through the 16th Century Pile Gate, you will be immediately ushered in to another place and time.

Walking the Walls in Dubrovnik

A tour of the impressive city walls that encircle the city for a total of 6,364 feet should be first on your itinerary. The fee to gain entrance to the walls is a modest 6 euro. Note that there are several refreshment sports along the way and many restaurants and coffee shops on the walls, as well. Within the city walls you will want to visit the Franciscan Monastery which houses Europe’s oldest pharmacy dating back to 1391 and is still operative today. Continue your walking tour stopping to visit St. Blaise’s Church and the Gothic Rector’s Palace built in 1441. The Rector’s Palace doubles as the Dubrovnik Museum. Opposite the Rector’s Palace is a bustling morning market. Aficionados of the arts will appreciate the Dominican Monastery and its museum. But, perhaps the most impressive sight is Sponza Palace in Luza Square. Its magnificent atrium and arched galley make it one the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Dubrovnik's Street of Restaurants

When you have tired of touring, take a break to sample the local fare at one of the numerous open air cafes that line the side streets. Scampi is a local favorite. Of course, there are always the shopping opportunities. Just avoid the lunch time hours for this activity. If you are adventurous and have a long time in port, sample one of the beaches southeast of the city. Dubrovnik is purported to have some excellent dive spots.

Dubrovnik's Small Boat Harbor

Also, pay a visit to the small boat harbor for more excellent restaurants and shopping. If your ship anchors off of Dubrovnik, you will tender into this harbor.

Is there anything of “Don’t Miss” quality?

Just a Small Portion of The Wall Surrounding Dubrovnik

A trip to Dubrovnik would not be complete without a walk along the old city walls.

Are there any great restaurants or bars?

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this place. It is a bar/restaurant that is built outside the walls on the ocean. I am not sure how to tell you to find it, other than if you go all the way through town and then take the walk streets that hug the wall. You will eventually come to an innocuous looking rock openng that turns to the right. If you enter it, it opens up to the bar. Note that you can climb all the way to the water and swim if you so desire. It offered reasonable prices and good service. I stuck around for a couple of hours enjoying the sunshine far from the tourist crowd.

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