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Corfu, Greece Port Review
Corfu as Seen From A Ship's Deck in Port

Corfu, Greece Port Information
Tom Ogg

Entry Requirements
Language and Currency
What is Corfu Like?
What is the Weather Like?
Where Does the Ship Dock?
Where is the Shopping?
What is There to Buy?
What is There To Do?
Is There Anything of a “Don’t Miss Quality?
Are There Any Great Restaurants or Bars?

Corfu, Greece Port Reviews

Entry Requirements

A valid passport is required but no visa is required for stays under 90 days

Language and Currency

The official language of Greece is Greek, but some English is spoken in the tourist areas. Greece has accepted the euro as its formal currency US dollars are accepted in the tourist areas, as are all major credit cards. There are numerous ATMs in Corfu if one needs additional cash..

What is Corfu like?

Dawn Over Corfu, Greece

What is the weather like?

Summer in the Greek Isles is hot and dry. Daytime temperatures average between 85° - 95°F and can reach above 100° (usually in July). These warm temperatures are usually tempered however, by cooling, prevailing north winds. Winter months are mild with temperatures averaging between 55° and 60°F.

Where does the ship dock?

The Radisson Seven Seas Voyager Docked in Corfu

Ships dock in the New Port of Corfu (Liman). There is usually a shuttle into the main terminal and then a shuttle into the old section of Corfu itself. However, it is about a 20 to 30 minute walk into Corfu if you would rather walk it. Simply leave the terminal to your left and stay right along the ocean all the way. The traffic must take another route as the road is one-way along the coast.

Follow the coastline until you climb the hill and go underneath the archway. The Old Fortress of Corfu is to your left and the Old City is to your right. You can enter the pedestrian streets where the restaurants are. (This picture is looking back at the archway after you have gone through it.)

Where is the shopping?

Just One of Corfu's Many Shopping Streets

Corfu offers excellent shopping in the old section's maze of pedestrian streets. You can enter the main shopping area across from the entrance to the Old Fortress in Corfu and just follow them every which way. Once in the old section, you will find numerous streets lined with restaurants and shops, boutiques and street vendors.

What is there to buy?

Lots of Unique Products Are Available in Corfu

There are a good number of gold jewelry shops and some of the local products are made from kumquats. Kumquat oil, wine and brandy are packaged and sold in many unique and collectible bottles of all shapes and sizes. I suspect that these are unique to Corfu. There are also many hand woven shirts, dresses and pashmina, leather goods and sandals, natural sponges, honey in collectible bottles, Ouzo (the Greek drink of choice) copper and brass items, worry beads, evil eyes and of course, the ever present carpet salesman.

What is there to do?

The Entrance to Corfu's Old Fortress

Dating back to the 6th century when Corfu was part of the Byzantine Empire, the Old Fortress has survived many changes. Located right off of Spanish Square, the Old Fortress is well worth exploring.

The Old Fortress Bridge

Once you cross the Old Fortress bridge and enter through the arched entryways, the Old Fortress opens up for exploration.

One of the Buildings from the Venetian Period

One can't help but be amazed at the quality of the structures that have survived over the centuries. Note the structure on the very top of the mountain.

The Wall that Surrounds the Old Fortress

The Old Fortress resides on the main point of Corfu and enjoys a beautiful vista overlooking the ocean.

The Crystal Clear Water in Corfu

Corfu's ocean is as clean and crystal clear as you could imagine.

Typical Corfu Street with Shopping and Restaurants

Just wandering around Corfu's old section is delight enough for most visitors and certainly warrants your attention. However, if the Old Fortress and Corfu's old section do not satisfy your appetite for sightseeing, there is an excellent old church that dates back to the 12th century in Kanoni just a few miles south of Corfu Town. You can easily take a taxi round trip to visit the church.

There are two excellent beaches close (about 25 km) to Corfu Town at Benitses Glyfada and Paeleokastritsa. Make sure that your taxi driver will return you to the ship when you are done at the beach, as there are limited services and it is unlikely that you can find a taxi to return to Corfu Town. Glyfada offers restaurants and bars right in front of the beach.

Achillio Palace in the Village of Gastouri

Achillio Palace is another sight worth visiting. Located about 10 km from Corfu Town in the village of Gastouri, this luxurious villa was built for the Empress of Austria, Elisabeth von Wiltelsbach (more familiarly known as Princes Sissy), by the Italian architect Raffaele Carito in 1892. Your ship will undoubtedly offer a shore excursion to this villa and village and it is well worth visiting. You may also do it from Corfu Town in a taxi if you prefer. Be sure to allow time to explore Gastouri, as it is a quaint village with lots of character. Achillio Palace is considered on of Corfu's top attractions.

Is there anything of “Don’t Miss” quality?

Yes, I would give a visit to Corfu Town's Old Section a "don't miss" rating. It is simply clean and wonderful place to explore.

Are there any great restaurants or bars?

I am not sure you could miss with any of the restaurants along the shore ine in Corfu Town, but I can't name a specific restaurant. Do you know of one?

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